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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Kurdistan after ball - Copy

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Siyar Kurdistan stretches for the ball [PlessPix]

It was a feast of football on the weekend, with Hobart Zebras women winning the Women’s Summer Cup and Hobart Zebras’ Under-18s taking out the trophy in their division.

South Hobart won the NPL Summer Series with a 3-0 win over Olympia Warriors on Saturday night, but controversy surrounded the win and Football Federation Tasmania will look into the eligibility of South Hobart’s Adam Gorrie.

Hobart Zebras Cup Final Squad 11 March 2018 - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Summer Cup Under-18s winning squad [PlessPix]

Gorrie may have been ineligible because of two yellow cards picked up in previous games.

An FFT official told me the rules would be closely scrutinised tomorrow [Tuesday], as would be the records of the number of cards issued to Gorrie.

If Gorrie was ineligible, the penalty will be interesting.

This year’s Summer pre-season competitions have been marred by rule breaches, resulting in two finalists being excluded from the final of their respective sections.

Olympia Warriors were barred from the Women’s final, and South Hobart’s Under-18s from that section’s final after fielding ineligible players.

What this means is that clubs and FFT need to communicate more closely and be aware of the rules before the tournament begins.

Kingborough Lions Under-18s 11 March 2018 - Copy

Photo:  Kingborough Lions United Under-18s [PlessPix]

South Hobart easily downed Olympia Warriors in the NPL Summer Series at KGV Park on Saturday night, and Gorrie was at the heart of the victory.

It was his pass that sent Nick Morton down the right wing at top speed and Morton’s cross into the box was forced home by Isaac Degetto to put South in front.

Right-back Gorrie was also a key participant for the second goal in the 51st minute, netted by left-back Connor Schmidt from Gorrie’s cross after Kobe Kemp had released the right-fullback.

Jake Brennan’s fierce shot in the 64th minute was the knock-out punch and Olympia were down for the count and didn’t get back up.

Zebras run forward - Copy

Photo:  Action from the Under-18 Summer Cup Final [PlessPix]

The Summer Series for NPL clubs was a strange affair, with first-past-the-post winning the round-robin tournament and no trophy or prize money apparently on offer.

If the pre-season is to have any credibility in future, the sooner FFT gets back to a World Cup-style tournament the better.

This should consist of four groups of four, with the strongest four NPL sides in the south seeded - one in each of the four groups.

The three remaining teams in each of the four groups should be Southern Championship sides and the fifth southern NPL club.

Two clubs should be permitted to enter Challenge League sides to make for a total of 16 teams in four groups of four.

A round-robin in each group would result in the four winners contesting the semi-final and the winners would play in the final.

Ladic and Robb - Copy

Photo:  Knights' Jonathon Ladic gets a pass away against Metro [PlessPix]

It’s simple, really, with a great deal of credibility and something genuine to play for.

Most teams would be well into their pre-season by the start of such a tournament and so the tournament itself would be a final chance to tweak tactics and line-ups and settle on squads for the league season.

That’s how it used to be done, and that’s how it should be done again as football tries to establish itself as a serious sport in Tasmania.

We now participate in national competitions, namely the FFA Cup and the NPL Finals series, so ambitious clubs deserve the opportunity to improve their standard in what should be a serious competition and not a pre-season kick-about.

Shane Kent controls ball - Copy

Photo:  Metro's Shane Kent controls the ball while under pressure from a Knights defender [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras hit something close to the form they will be aiming for in the league when they demolished Kingborough Lions United 6-1 at KGV Park on Saturday.

Mathew Sanders got the ball rolling when he opened the scoring after just 8 minutes, while Dwayne Walsh, Canadian import Iskander Van Doorne and Jayden Hey all netted before the break to send the Zebras in at half-time with a commanding 4-0 lead.

Danny Cowen pulled a goal back immediately after the resumption. His penalty was saved by Sheku Kamara, the former Kingborough keeper, but Cowen managed to net from the rebound.

Sanders completed his hat-trick late in the game with two more goals.

Glenorchy Knights were held to a goalless opening half by Clarence United, but four goals in the second period by Teddy Kadisha, Ethan Engels, who netted twice, and Callum Brown ensured victory.

Rush for possession - Copy

Photo:  A race for the ball in the Under-18s Summer Cup Final [PlessPix]

A looping header just before the break by Nick Cuthbertson gave Beachside the lead against New Town Eagles on Saturday in the Summer Cup for the second-tier sides.

Brett Andrews’s penalty completed Beachside’s win.

University and Hobart United both had a player sent off in their clash, but it was University which win 2-1 through goals by Stuart Carnaby and Tom Roach.

Robbie Bologna netted for Hobart United.

On Sunday at KGV Park, Taroona won 5-2 against Nelson, their goals coming from Jeremy Stevens, Kanato Hamaguchi, David Abbott, and Donke Zhao (2).

Josh Hutchins and Ryan Mills were Nelson’s marksmen.

Naden and Robb - Copy

Photo:  Metro's Sean Robb gets a boost from Knights' Nick Naden [PlessPix]

Metro led Glenorchy Knights 1-0 at half-time through a Shane Kent goal before the Knights hit their straps in the second half and piled on five goals in the second half through Aaron Marney (55th-minute), James Sherman (61), Nicholas Naden (68, 69) and an own-goal.

Metro got their second 9 minutes from the end through a clever free-kick involving the father-and-son combination of Terry and Shane Kent. Shane played a free-kick inside on the ground and his father, Terry, hammered the ball home past Dmitri Nester.

Knights should have had a sixth goal, but Metro keeper Simon Land saved a James Sherman penalty. Sherman’s goal just past the hour-mark was a penalty and he easily beat Land on that occasion.

I would have loved to have seen Terry Kent play when he was a young man. Now in his 50s, he still has great skill and intelligence and can read a game better than most.

Naden scores his first goal - Copy

Photo:  Knights' Nick Naden (No.3) scores his first against Metro [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United were rarely in the hunt against Hobart Zebras in the Under-18 Summer Cup Final.

Zebras should have won by more against a side with a shaky defence and a less than dangerous attack.

Brandon Fraser and Chase Clark gave Zebras a 2-0 lead at the interval, while a terrible error by the Kingborough keeper early in the second half gifted Fraser a second goal.

In the Women’s Summer Cup Final on Friday night, a very young South Hobart side battled bravely but went down 3-1 to Hobart Zebras.

Lucy Johnson (9th minute) and Alyssa Bowden (23) gave Zebras a 2-0 lead before Pishon Choi pulled a goal back for a plucky South outfit in the 31st minute.

South Hobart, for whom Eliane Fader was particularly impressive, struck the base of a post but were unable to find an equaliser.

McQueen and Kurdistan - Copy

Photo:  Metro's Kye McQueen about to bring down Glenorchy Knights Siyar Kurdistan and concede a penalty [PlessPix]

An own-goal - Lucy Johnson’s shot from the right was destined to cross the face of goal before being deflected into the net - made it 3-1 for Zebras, who, quite incredibly, had just one player on the bench for this cup final.

On another matter, on Sunday, an assistant referee picked up a 4-inch nail from the pitch. Similar finds had been made the previous day.

These nails were not attempts at sabotage. In the 1950s, anti-soccer activists once sprinkled parts of North Hobart Oval with broken glass on the eve of a game between Tasmania and a visiting European club side.

These nails appear to be from the recent maintenance carried out on the artificial surface at KGV Park.

They represent a safety issue and FFT needs to look at its duty of care responsibilities immediately.

McQueen protests his innocence - Copy

Photo:  Discussion about the penalty [PlessPix]

Ball on head - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Jake Pullen performs his 'seal' act [PlessPix]

Bayley Downham controls ball - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Bayley Downham tries to control the ball against the Lions [PlessPix]

Mason and Choi - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Kayla Mason (left) and South Hobart's Pishon Choi [PlessPix]

Keeper and a pink balloon - Copy

Photo:  The University goalkeeper, Sam Rhodes, seems oblivious to a pink balloon floating past him [PlessPix]


0 #37 really 2018-03-20 04:48
Quoting Anon:
#33. Make sure your statements are correct.Zebs may have played their games at Glenorchy but that is just because they don't have their own ground.They have not always trained at KGV.That only began when the ground was changed to synthetic.Prior to that they trained elsewhere.Now you find out where that was because it wasn't KGV.Maybe you are th t....r, as you put it.

Zebras have trained everywhere, The domnain athletics centre, Bell street, queens walk and had home games at Bell street and Queens walk before they were given KGV when they entered the v league.

The question is if they have been at so many grounds in HOBART why have they not obtained a suitable permanent venue.
-1 #36 Anon 2018-03-19 03:58
#33. Make sure your statements are correct.Zebs may have played their games at Glenorchy but that is just because they don't have their own ground.They have not always trained at KGV.That only began when the ground was changed to synthetic.Prior to that they trained elsewhere.Now you find out where that was because it wasn't KGV.Maybe you are th t....r, as you put it.
+2 #35 Anonymous 2018-03-18 03:08
Your website says, "Welcome to Hobart Zebras Football Club".

I would have thought it reasonable that the team actually played its home games in the City.

Nothing to do really with where the players or officials live.

If you chose to remain in Glenorchy maybe change your name to Glenorchy Zebras Football Club.

Tossers ...
+4 #34 KGV 2018-03-14 22:26
Pretty Sure plenty of Zebras officials and players are rate payers within the Glenorchy City Council area - Seriously are you suggesting that if you don't pay rates within for the GCC you can't play on KGV? Are we going to have to break it down to individual players and officials addresses and then check to see if they pay rates? At the end of the day the ratepayers fund the KGV upkeep. I also seem to remember it was Federal Money which paid for the Artificial surface this would mean the upgrade was funded for the people of Dennison which would include all clubs based in the greater Hobart area.
+1 #33 anonymous 2018-03-14 05:33
#32 I will say it one more time you are a dead set tosser , look at the history at how long Zebras have been at KGV except for a small break and then report back to us . Lets say look at last 40 years and see who's been where .
How about you approach the GCC and have your games played at KGV , there is nothing stopping you asking the question am sure they would fit other teams in or you too embarrassed as it will reveal the tosser behind all these publications.
-1 #32 anon 2018-03-14 03:37
Quoting anonymous:
#27 you certainly the biggest tosser going around , I suggest you find a job it may give you something else to do rather than write crap.

Your childish response has brought nothing to the discussion.

You may not like my comments (because the truth hurts), but you have failed to run any counterargument , settling just to dish out insults.

Maybe instead, tell us why HOBART Zebras are in Glenorchy at KGV after all this time, rather than having their own facility in Hobart, the city with the ground they were kicked out of? If they can’t be bothered developing a ground of their own, approach the Hobart council to play at Darcy Street.
+13 #31 Anonymous 2018-03-14 02:57
So we've had three competitions completed so far and all three of them have been influenced and results decided by disqualifications.
That's 3 from 3, 100%.
Nobody, not even the teams that benefited could possibly think this is a good thing for football.
+1 #30 Really 2018-03-13 22:16
Quoting Anonymous:
Quoting Really:
[quote name="anon"]FFT do nothing to bring the game forward in this state. KGV is an abysmal, embarrassing joke of a venue. It's tired and de

Clearly you have no idea.
Fft own the building they do not own the facilities.
IE the pitch grandstands etc this is owned and maintained by the council.

So before pointing fingers at fft get your facts right first.

Not so my deluded friend. It doesn't matter who owns the ground. FFT are providing the venue for the competition so it is their responsibility to ensure it is safe. It is very simple Really.

Yes so my deluded friend it does matter who owns the grounds etc. Clearly you have no idea fft provide the venue but again just so you get it through your thick head they do not maintain the facilities the council do.
-3 #29 anonymous 2018-03-13 12:38
#27 you certainly the biggest tosser going around , I suggest you find a job it may give you something else to do rather than write crap.
+2 #28 Really 2018-03-13 10:52
Quoting Anon:
[quote name="Really"][quote name="anon"]FFT do nothing to bring the game forward in this state. KGV is an abysmal, embarrassing joke of a venue. It's tired and delapadate

Clearly you have no idea.
Fft own the building

No you have know idea as the hirer of the ground they still have a duty of Care !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suggest you focus on running the game because at present it's HORRIBLE !

No you're wrong. Fft DO NOT maintain the ground etc. So perhaps you get your facts straight before mouthing of

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