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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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5 spoils 7 - Copy

Photo:  Hume City's Benjamin Lyvidicus (left) is thwarted by Zebras' Mattia Statella [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras meekly succumbed 4-0 to a second-string Hume City at South Hobart Oval on Saturday afternoon.

A lacklustre Zebras never looked like scoring, while two goals in each half by Hume City did the damage.

Zebra leaping - Copy

Photo:  Zebras will have an even bigger hurdle to jump next Saturday against Bentleigh Greens [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras: Sheku Kamara; Ben Robinson, Deans Bloomfield, Mattia Statella, Jordan Muller, Lachie Burt, Dwayne Walsh, Jakub Sklenar, Luke Huigsloot, Matthew Pace, Mathew Sanders (Substitutes: Adam McKeown, James Ackerley, Luke Bighin, Jake Pullen, Ryan Backhouse, Nathan Reid, Jorden Mundy)

This Zebras line-up was probably close to as good as it will get, the only notable absentee being Jayden Hey, who is still recovering from surgery on a knee injury.

Striker Adam McKeown was on the bench, but came on in the second half. Could he possibly be out of favour with coach Gabriel Markaj?

The team hardly inspires confidence and has now gone two games without scoring while conceding 10 goals.

Last season, they went three games without scoring but did not conceded this many goals.

7 beats 3 - Copy

Photo:  Hume City's Benjamin Lyvidicus rounds Zebras defender Deans Bloomfield [PlessPix]

It’s just as well they have Sheku Kamara in goal as the deficit could be more.

Coach Markaj is trying to teach rather than just train during his coaching sessions, but that requires time and won’t bear fruit overnight. The question is whether he will be given time.

His lips have been sealed by the club’s committee and he refused to be interviewed after the game.

Zebras take on another Victorian NPL outfit next weekend. They will play Bentleigh Greens at South Hobart Oval next Saturday at 5pm.

The weather is expected to be very hot and Zebras can also expect a torrid time on the pitch against a classy visiting team.

Kubilay and Pace - Copy

Photo:  Hume City's Oliver Kubilay clears a second befoer Zebras' Matthew Pace tackles him [PlessPix]

Hume City: Tapia; Lyvidikos, Govan, Baricevic, Tennant, Kubilay, Trajcevski, Pawiak, Blumenthal, Bozdugan, Taylor (Substitutes: Ofli, Kaya, Groenewold, Kenyit, Weier, Morgan, Seet, Sukunda)

Hume City fielded a second-string outfit for this game after a 3-1 win over South Hobart the previous evening with their preferred line-up.

It didn’t matter as they were superior in every respect to a disappointing Zebras side.

Hume swung the ball from side to side, making the Zebras fullbacks cover a lot of ground as they sought to cut out the threat.

Hume also persisted in short-corner routines and the first of these worked as they scored through a fierce shot by Umut Bozdugan after only 8 minutes.

Nine minutes later, Hume won a penalty which was converted by Bradley Blumenthal.

Goals by Atilla Ofli in the 65th minute and Gideon Sweet in the 74th minute completed the scoring.

Statella and Blumenthal - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Mattia Statella and Ben Robinson try to stop Hume City's Bradley Blumenthal [PlessPix]


Zebras must be worried. Boasting a strike force of Jakub Sklenar, Mathew Sanders and Luke Huigsloot, with Dwayne Walsh also on the prowl, the failure to score is unbelievable.

These attackers need much better service, but they also have to be more clever themselves in creating chances and converting them.

Passing needs to be improved, as does individual technical skill. Tactics also need to developed and worked on.

Backhouse attacks - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Ryan Backhouse takes on Hume City's Hayden Tennant [PlessPix]

Hume City used the occasion to work on set-pieces (short-corners) and to give those who didn’t get a run on Friday night a bit more of a work-out in this game.

Bentleigh Greens finished fourth in the Victorian NPL last season, while Hume City were eighth.

Zebras can, therefore, expect an even tougher battle next Saturday than they had three days ago.

Tennant and Burt - Copy

Photo:  Zebras' Lachie Burt (right) outpaces Hume City's Hayden Tennant [PlessPix]

Kamara concedes goal - Copy

Photo:  Zebras keeper Sheku Kamara is unable to prevent Hume City's opening goal [PlessPix]


+2 #17 anonymous 2018-01-24 12:23
#16 same as Beachside a council ground .
+1 #16 Anonymous 2018-01-24 10:41
Quoting anonymous:
#13 Typical comment from the bogan at beach.

Remind us all of where Zebras home ground is located?
+3 #15 Anon 2018-01-24 04:19
Quoting anonymous:
#13 Typical comment from the bogan at beach.

You are one angry person.
-6 #14 anonymous 2018-01-24 00:04
#13 Typical comment from the bogan at beach.
+2 #13 Anon 2018-01-23 21:40
Beachside have gone forward!
Zebras have gone backwards !

People do make a difference and the Hobart Zebras was a much happier place two season ago .Bit going on in the background at Federal St.
+5 #12 anonymous 2018-01-23 11:27
#1 the Aussie rules traditional at north Hobart only get 2-3 hundred but they still love playing at this magnificent ground and have fought tooth and nail to keep there name and play at this ground and you make this stupid comment.
+2 #11 Dan 2018-01-23 11:21
Is there an album for all the match pics or link
+9 #10 anon 2018-01-23 10:28
Quoting Anon:
One Hundred people packed into North Hobart Oval !What a tread totally looking forward to it .

I'm not a Zebras fan but this is a good idea that makes sense. The Italian club is just around the corner from North Hobart oval.
I think the facilities will be far better than on offer at KGV, should play as many games as possible there.
+17 #9 Vipers? 2018-01-23 10:05
Quoting vipers:
The amount of knowledge he has are out of the ordinary. He has been involved with many adelaide clubs in particular with our club. We are proud of him and one day we have no doubts, he will achieve his goals. I don't know much about the quality of coaches in tasmania neither his last couple of games but he is the best emerging coach in Australia and it will be a mistake to let him go ,after only 13 months of coaching zebras and a dozen of bad results.
good luck gabby
Come and visit!

Best emerging coach in Australia would definitely be a stretch...
+11 #8 Anonymous 2018-01-23 06:52
Doesn't matter what the cause is the players don't understand the coach needs to communicate differently

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