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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Postecoglu Ange 2013

Photo:  Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou [PlessPix]

Australia’s 1-1 draw with South Africa in Sydney last night did not augur well for our chances at the World Cup in Brazil.

Our official slogan does not inspire confidence, but the slogans from some of the other competing nations are just as corny.

Here is the complete list:

Algeria Official slogan: “Desert Warriors In Brazil” / محاربي الصحراء فى البرازيل (Arabic)

Argentina Official slogan: “Not Just A Team, We Are A Country”/ “No Somos un Equipo, Somos un País”

Australia Official slogan: “Socceroos: Hopping Our Way Into History!”

Belgium Official slogan: “Expect The Impossible!” / “Verwacht je aan het onmogelijke!” (Dutch) / ”Attendez-vous à L’impossible” (French)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Official slogan: “Dragons in Heart, Dragons on the Field!” / Zmajevi U Scru…Zmajevi Na Terenu! (Bosnian)

Brazil Official slogan: “Brace Yourselves! The Sixth is Coming!” / Preparem-Se! O Hexa Esta Chegando! (Portuguese)

Cameroon Official slogan: “A Lion Remains A Lion” / Un Lion Demure un Lion (French)

Chile Official slogan: “Chi Chi Chi!, Le Le Le! Go Chile!”

Colombia Official slogan: “Here Travels A Nation, Not Just A Team!” / Aqui no Viaja un Equipo, ¡Viaja Todo un Pais! (Spanish)

Costa Rica Official Slogan: “My Passion Is Football, My Strength Is My People, My Pride Is Costa Rica” / Mi Pasion el Fútbol, Mi Fortaleza Mi Gente, Mi Orgullo, Costa Rica (Spanish)

Croatia Official slogan: With Fire in Our Hearts, For Croatia All as One! / S Vatrom U Srcima Za Hrvatsku Svi Kao Jedan! (Croatian)

Ecuador Official slogan: “One Commitment, One Passion, Only One Heart, This Is For You Ecuador!” / “Un Compromiso, Una Pasión, Un Solo Corazón, ¡Va Por Ti Ecuador” (Spanish)

England Official slogan: “The Dream Of One Team, The Heartbeat Of Millions!!”

France Official slogan: “Impossible Is Not A French Word” / “Impossible N’est Pas Francais” (French)

Germany Official slogan: “One Nation, One Team, One Dream!” / “Ein Land, Eine Mannschaft, Ein Traum” (German)

Ghana Official slogan: Black Stars: Here To Illuminate Brazil

Greece Official slogan: “Heroes Play Like Greeks” / ”Οι ήρωες παίζουν όπως οι Έλληνες” (Greek)

Honduras Official slogan: “We Are One Country, One Nation, Five Stars On The Heart” / “Somos Un Pueblo, Una Nacion, Cinco Estrellas de Corazon” (Spanish)

Iran Official slogan: “Honor Of Persia” / افتخار پارس (Farsi)

Italy Official slogan: “Let’s Paint The FIFA World Cup Dream Blue” / “Coloriamo D’Azzurro Il Sogno Mondiale” (Italian)

Ivory Coast Official slogan: “Elephants Charging Towards Brazil!” / “Les Éléphants a la Conquête Du Brésil” (French)

Japan Official slogan: “Samurai, The Time Has Come To Fight!” / サムライよ!! 戦いの時はきた! (Japanese)

Mexico Official slogan: “Always United, Always Aztecas” / ”Siempre Unidos, ¡Siempre Aztecas!” (Spanish)

Netherlands Official slogan: “Real Men Wear Orange” / “Echte Mannen Dragen Oranje” (Dutch)

Nigeria Official slogan: “Only Together We Can Win”

Portugal Official slogan: “The Past Is History, The Future Is Victory” / ”O Passado é História, O Futuro é a Vitória” (Portuguese)

Russia Official slogan: “No One Can Catch Us” / “Нас не догонят” (Russian)

South Korea Official slogan: “Enjoy It, Reds!” / 즐겨라, 대한민국! (Korean)

Spain Official slogan: “Inside Our Hearts, The Passion Of A Champion” / “En Nuestro Corazón, La Pasión de un Campeón” (Spanish)

Switzerland Official slogan: “Final Stop: 07-13-14 Maracana!” / “Arret Final: 07-13-14 Maracana! (French)

Uruguay Official slogan: “Three Million Dreams…Let’s Go Uruguay” / “Tres millones de ilusiones… ¡vamos Uruguay!” (Spanish)

United States Official slogan: “United By Team, Driven By Passion”



0 #27 Anonymous 2014-05-30 08:29
Heroes Play Like Greeks
+1 #26 Dallas 2014-05-30 07:15
So obvious why tow the line with the other countries. " You don't know what you are talking about you silly old bugger" thats the slogan for Australia the younger generation you will need to google.
+2 #25 anon 2014-05-30 05:54
Dutch slogan seems best to me, "real men wear orange"

The rest are too cheesy or too pretentious!

I didn't know all the teams even had world cup slogans until now... we live in a world that loves paying marketing consultants don't we!
+2 #24 Ronnie Bolton 2014-05-30 05:27
#15 Scotland always get home before the postcards.WTF is that I hear the younger generation say......
+2 #23 Anonymous 2014-05-30 03:48
Quoting Original Anonymous..:
Quoting Anonymous:
will be won but either Brazil, germany or Italy - they have genuine WC pedigree. Spain and Argentina dark horses

So the current World Cup and EURO winners is a 'dark horse?'

Yep - not the team they were
+1 #22 Original Anonymous.. 2014-05-30 00:57
Quoting Anonymous:
will be won but either Brazil, germany or Italy - they have genuine WC pedigree. Spain and Argentina dark horses

So the current World Cup and EURO winners is a 'dark horse?'
+2 #21 Ted was in Aberdeen 2014-05-29 23:52
Quoting Runs like an emu:
One of Scotland's previous (1998?) World Cup songs was titled "don't come home too soon".

"We're on the march with Ally's Army" was the song leading up to Scotland's disastrous 1978 campaign in Argentina. Unfortunately Ally MacLeod should have stayed in club management. At least they beat the Dutch when it was all too late.
+4 #20 Restructure Time 2014-05-29 13:52
Quoting Sorry:
England are sort of like Zebras.

They have the names on paper but can't perform.

Yes England won the cup 48 years ago, sounds very much like the Zebras only 42 years to go. How can you pay so much and get so little.
+3 #19 Sorry 2014-05-29 12:58
England are sort of like Zebras.

They have the names on paper but can't perform.
-4 #18 The Football Purist 2014-05-29 06:58
Best 5 slogans:
1. Japan
5.Costa rica

Worst 5

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