a Holmes header

Photo:  The Knights head at the NTC goal [PlessPix]

Victory League

Northern Rangers 3 (Y Towns 31, S Brassington 58, T Hingston 66) beat Launceston City 0

Att:  214

J Kelly and Eyles

Photo:  Knights' Jacob Kelly (left) pressures NTC's Luke Eyles [PlessPix]

Victory Development League

Tilford Zebras 3 (D Cox 10, E Engels 70, 72) beat Olympia Warriors 1 (J Herbert 12)

NTC 3 (K Kemp 2, J Hope) beat Glenorchy Knights 0

J Muller

Photo:  Zebras' Jordan Muller squeezes between two Olympia opponents [PlessPix]

Jessica M Josh and Hamish

Photo:  Jessica Manuela (left) is back in Tasmania and has resumed her refereeing career.  She was on the line this evening with fellow officials referee Josh McInerney (centre) and assistant Hamish Cannon [PlessPix]