D Walsh and Undy

Photo:  Zebras' Dwayne Walsh (left) and South Hobart's Hugh Undy in a struggle for possession [PlessPix]

If this had been a boxing match, Tilford Zebras would have won on points because there was no knockout.

As a football match, it ended goalless and each side obtained a point, keeping South Hobart top of the Victory League standings and Tilford Zebras second, 6 points adrift.

M Ferguson blocks Morton

Photo:  Zebras' keeper Matthew Ferguson dives to block at the feet of South Hobart's Nick Morton [PlessPix]

Date: 27 July 2014

Result: South Hobart 0-0 Tilford Zebras

Venue: South Hobart Oval

Attendance: 445


Match Overview: Tilford Zebras started in strong, determined fashion and had the league leaders on the back foot. Whenever South did venture forward, the Zebras defenders were first to the ball and snuffed out the attacks.

South Hobart recovered their composure and applied pressure midway through the opening half, and again for some stages of the second. But, South Hobart’s strikers were disappointing. Brayden Mann, Ben Hamlett and Andy Brennan were well marshalled by Russell Courtney, Josh Fielding, Kurt Engels and Dwayne Walsh, but when they did throw off the shackles, their finishing was poor. Zebras goalkeeper Matthew Ferguson and Fielding both played for South Hobart last season and knew their former team-mates well and overshadowed them.

Zebras had two excellent chances late in the game. Substitute Andrew Clark had a goal-bound shot from the edge of the box cleared off the line by Liam Scott, while Adam McKeown’s first-time volley from close range after Walsh’s right-wing cross flew straight at keeper Kane Pierce, who did not have time to react but blocked the effort. Ethan Engels had a chance   just after the interval, but the ball caught him by surprise and he could only head tamely at goal.

Key Moment: The dismissal of South Hobart goalkeeper Kane Pierce a minute from the end for foul and abusive language directed, incidentally, at his own players. With stoppage time remaining, South Hobart were reduced to ten men and the Zebras still had time to win this game but were unable to find a goal. Pierce’s send-off had huge ramifications for South Hobart as he will miss two games - the Victory League match against Northern Rangers and the FFA CUP match against Tuggeranong United from the ACT.

Man-of-the-Match: Russell Courtney, who was outstanding at the back for the Zebras. He read the play well and was able to intercept through-balls and snuff out danger wherever it presented itself. His distribution was intelligent when he won possession and it was probably his best game since arriving from England.

Matter of fact: It was the first scoreless draw in the Victory League and, ironically, it was between the two top sides in the competition and the two teams with the highest number of goals scored and the least number conceded.

Talking point: The dismissal of South Hobart goalkeeper Kane Pierce for foul and abusive language directed at one of his own players. The laws state that if the foul and abusive language is audible to spectators, regardless of whom it is directed at, the referee can send off the offending player. That’s exactly what Mr Phillips did. Pierce did not go meekly. He let the referee know what he thought of the decision and mockingly clapped his gloved hands in the referee’s face.

N Morton breaks clear

Photo:  Zebras' Kurt Engels and Curran Ferns prepare to deal with South Hobart's Nick Morton as he threatens to break clear [PlessPix]


Goal attempts

South Hobart11

Tilford Zebras 11

On target

South Hobart 5

Tilford Zebras 9


South Hobart 3

Tilford Zebras 2


South Hobart 13

Tilford Zebras 16


South Hobart 4

Tilford Zebras 4


South Hobart:

1 Pierce

13 Undy (4 Hey 88)

14 Lewis

5 Ludford

2 Scott

3 Ludlow

16 Kass (21 Moncur 89)

7 Morton

9 Mann

11 Hamlett (19 Hall 54)

10 Brennan

Tilford Zebras:

1 Ferguson

9 Walsh

7 Fielding

4 Courtney

11 K Engels

2 Ferns

8 Fagg

14 McKeown

15 Whitehall (6 Clark 75)

13 Leszczynski

12 E Engels (5 Toghill 75)

Yellow Cards

Tilford Zebras:

Fagg 35

McKeown 39

Red Cards:

South Hobart:

Pierce 89

Referee: Mr Craig Phillips

K Pierce and Leszczynski

Photo:  South Hobart goalkeeper Kane Pierce blocks at the feet of Tilford Zebras' Alex Leszczynski and South team-mate Liam Scott [PlessPix]