Who Is Walter Pless?


A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photo:  Taroona's Hamish Macgregor goes on a run with Toby Dove in support [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Group C, KGV Park, Sunday, 9 February 2014)

Taroona 4 (A Edwards 5, 38, W Hawkins og 11, D Abbott 59)

Metro 2 (A Marney 22, S Kent 44 pen)

HT:  3-2   Ref:  C White

Taroona:  R Hortle;  Abbott, Ayres, Duncan Carey, Dove, Edwards, Haslewood, H Luttmer, Macgregor, Tubb, H Foley  (Interchange:  Flonta, Etherington)

Metro:  Rozynski;  B Garth, M Garth, Hawkins, B Holmes, S Kent, Knight, Marney, Nichols, Wiggins, Woodward  (Interchange:  T Kent, McGuiness, McQueen, J Morris)


Photo:  Beachside's Ben Whitehall (left) tries to stop Nelson from clearing [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Group A, KGV Park, Sunday, 9 February 2014)

Beachside 5 (J Thorpe 14, 63, L Gorringe 25, 66, S McManus 35)

Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0

HT:  3-0   Ref:  C Phillips

Beachside:  B Pullen  -  Westland, Symmons, Sheppard, Doran  -  Chadwick, Hall, Gorringe, McManus  -  Whitehall, Thorpe  (Interchange:  Ateem, L Pullen)

Nelson Eastern Suburbs:  McInerney  -  Hoppitt, Stalker, Brighella, Fone  -  Pitchford, Marsh, Brighella, Reason, Wallace  -  Hanley  (Interchange:  Caulfield, Finch, Lange, Fleming)


Photo:  Eagles' Jamie Vernon gets a pass away between South Hobart's Liam Scott and Hugh Ludford [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Pool B & D, KGV Park, Saturday, 8 February 2014)

New Town Eagles 0

South Hobart 8 (B Hamlett 14, 40, 58, N Morton 18, 62, 66, D Hall 36, C Downes 73)

HT:  0-4   Ref:  A Cook

New Town Eagles:  R Nutting;  G Nutting, Shackcloth, Ayres, Burn, Eugster, Idstrom, Lebski, O’Brian, Van De Lageweg, Vernon  (Interchange:  Gonzalez, Ottavi, Ross)

South Hobart:  Pierce;  Ludford, Williamson, Lewis, P Stevens, J Stevens, Scott, Nugent, Morton, Hamlett, Hall  (Interchange:  Ferns, Lees, Moncur, Downes)


Photo:  Kingborough's Francis Kenyi (left) tries to get past an opponent [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Group B, KGV Park, Saturday, 8 February 2014)

Kingborough Lions United 4 (D Watkins 45, F Kenyi 52, J Turner 67, N Cuthbertson 88)

Launceston City 3 (N Bartlett 1, M Cristy 10, S Bin Sumaida 58)

HT:  1-2   Ref:  S Plomaritis

Kingborough Lions United:  Leamey;  Bilson, Cuthbertson, J Davis, W Davis, Hedge, Kenyi, Kingsbury, T Pearce, Turner, Watkins  (Interchange:  F Collins, McKenna, Lewis, Farquhar)

Launceston City:  Van de Corput;  Bartlett, Compagne, Cristy, Degetto, D Egan, S Egan, Kim, McSorely, Omenihu, Park  (Interchange:  Bin Sumaida, Hill)


Photo:  University's Alexis Bull tries desperately to prevent Zebras' Alexander Leszczynski from getting to a corner [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Pool B & D, KGV Park, Saturday, 8 February 2014)

University 1 (A Buga 89)

Tilford Zebras 4 (A McKeown 31, 39, 43. D Walsh 46)

HT:  4-0   Ref:  I Colhoun

Tilford Zebras:  Ferguson  -  Telega, Fagg, Fielding, K Engels  -  Walsh, Clamp, Ladic, Marchioli  -  Leszczynski, McKeown (Interchange:  McDonald, A Lapolla, Palmer, Muller)

University:  Jackson;  Briant, A Buga, J Buga, Bull, Frank, Galloway, Hindmarsh, John, G Kamano, Lagu, Mazey, Merry, Millington, Platts, Takano


Photo:  Olympia's Nick Mearns and Jonathan Griffiths gang up on Knights' Tyler Harrison [PlessPix]

(Summer Cup, Division A, Pool C, KGV Park, Friday, 7 February 2014)

Glenorchy Knights 0

Olympia Warriors 3 (E Tsakiris 19 pen, C Kumpulainen 40, A Bellini 57)

HT:  0-2   Ref:  K Barker

Glenorchy Knights:  Kruijver  -  Robinson, Johnson, N Hill, Willcock  -  J Hey, Hickey, Harrison  -  Wilson, Griffin, Schuth  (Interchange: David, Kamano, Woodham, Kabangu, Marsh)

Olympia Warriors:  Nester  -  Reibel, Holmes, Vandermey, Moore  -  Kumpulainen, Bellini, Mearns, Griffiths  -  E Tsakiris, Herbert  (Interchange:  Almeida, Cornish, Ochaya, Roberts, Rossetto)


Photo:  Taroona's Alex Edwards wheels away after opening the scoring against Metro today [PlessPix]

Division A (Pool A)

Beachside 5 (J Thorpe 14, 63, L Gorringe 25, 66, S McManus 35) beat Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0


Photo:  Tilford Zebras' hat-trick hero Adam McKeown (right) on the receiving end of a University tackle [PlessPix]

Division A (Combined Pool B &D)

University 1 (A Buga 89) lost to Tilford Zebras 4 (A McKeown 31, 39, 43, D Walsh 46)