Photo:  A contest for the ball in the intrastate women's match [PlessPix]

(Women’s Intrastate match, KGV Park, Saturday, 12 October 2013)

South 4 (M Berne 31 og, I Michael 48, 60, J Williams 75)

North 1 (C Storay 39)

HT:  1-1   Att:  130   Ref:  L Hargrave

South:  Van Der Niet;  Hutchinson, Williams, Marmion, Bremner, O’Brien, R Cavarretta, Gavalas, Gee, Macgregor, Manuela  (Subs:  Wedge, Michael, Morris, Ayton, Berry)

North:  McCulloch;  Berne, Storay, G Foote, Walsh, Celebre, Yates, Savill, L Foote, Pearce, Storay  (Subs:  Mitchelle, Purton, Norton, Cuschieri)


Photo:  The Northern women's squad before Saturday's game [PlessPix]


Photo:  The Southern women's squad befoer Saturday's showdown [PlessPix]

South beat North 4-1 in an entertaining women’s intrastate match at KGV Park on Saturday.

Amelia Van Der Niet, in the southern goal, showed her class and experience in the 25th minute when she saved from close range from Cherlyse Yates after a quick counter-attack by North.

South took a somewhat fortuitous lead in the 31st minute when Stacie Hutchinson’s attempted cross from the left struck Maddison Berne on her outstretched leg and looped over keeper Sam McCulloch and inside the far right-hand post.

Rani Cavarretta missed a good chance for South in the 35th minute.  Ellie Gavalas found the striker with a superb long pass, but Cavarretta fired over the bar.


Photo:  The South's Rani Cavarretta (right) takes on a North defender [PlessPix]

North equalised 6 minutes before the interval when Caitlin Storay picked her way through the South defence and scored with a low shot.

South substitute Innocent Michael proved the difference in the second half, netting twice  -  in the 48th and 60th minutes  -  to give the home side a commanding 3-1 lead.

Jessie Williams completed South’s tally when she headed home Cavarretta’s cross to make it 4-1.

Both sides produced some excellent football, characterised by fine technical skills, clever passing and thoughtful moves as a unit.


Photo:  One of the North's Foote sisters looks for a pass [PlessPix]

South coach, Brent McKay, said:

“The weather was a leveller for sure, but I thought it was a great game.

“It was good to see that we had this opportunity to showcase women’s football like this.  I thought it was good.

“The North actually surprised me a bit.  They’re strong and hard.

“I told our girls at half-time we need to be patient and it’ll happen.

“I thought it was a really good game and I was very impressed.”


Photo:  A Northern player tackling a South opponent [PlessPix]

North coach, Michael Foote, said:

“I was pleased we were competitive, first half especially.

“I think we were at least equal in opportunities.  A lot went over the bar from them and from us.

“They scored a fortunate goal to start off.  We scored a nice goal, so I felt a little bit in front at half-time.

“Second half was probably as I always thought it would go.  Some of our girls haven’t played since July, a couple of them, because the season ended and there were a lot of washouts, and I’d imagine a lot of the opposition have been training full on, the NTC girls, especially, right up until now, so fitness was always going to be a factor and I think that was really the main difference in the end.

“I think we matched them and it was pretty even in the first half and end-to-end at times.

“They were probably more polished than us, in my opinion, but nevertheless, I thought we matched it with them quite well.”


Photo:  South's Ellie Gavalas (right) comes up against a North defender [PlessPix]


Photo:  The match officials for Saturday's game [PlessPix]


Photo:  South's Stacie Hutchinson (right) in full flight and about to encounter the North's Holly Savill [PlessPix]