Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton addresses his players after the first third of Saturday's game [PlessPix]

It’s always interesting and, indeed, vital to get the opinion of coaches after their teams’ games.

Following Saturday’s game between South Hobart and Glenorchy Knights, I spoke to Ken Morton and Chris Hey, the respective coaches, about what they thought of the game, which South Hobart won 7-1.


Photo:  Joseph Stevens (left), South Hobart's new signing from Clarence United, pressures his young Glenorchy Knights opponent [PlessPix]

The game was played in three 30-minute thirds, which means the actual result may mean little as coaches tend to chop and change their line-ups in each third to ensure everyone gets a run.

Both men acknowledged the difficulties such a format poses.

“They’re [30-minute thirds] always a little bit difficult to work around, friendly matches, or practice matches, when we’re playing 30-minute thirds because we rotate the teams quite a bit,” Ken Morton, the South Hobart coach, said.

“It’s difficult to settle down and get the structure right and the way we want to play.  But, I think today’s game was valuable.

“Congratulations to Knights.  I think they’ve done really well.


Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Alex Bellini controls the ball ahead of South Hobart's Harrison Thomas [PlessPix]

“I think in the second game today [there was a curtain-raiseer to the senior game] our passing was just a little bit too slow, but then maybe there’s a lot of new faces in there that we’re looking at and then the team hasn’t got any balance.

“But, there were some good spells and some nice goals.

“There were parts of the game that we were quite happy with and, then, there were other parts that we have to put right.

“I think the difficult thing, or the job I have to do, is to try and get 20 players out of it.

“As you saw today, we’ve probably got 32, and one to come, so it’s interesting times.”

Glenorchy Knights coach, Chris Hey, said:  “I’m pleased with where we’re at.


Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Jeremy Marshall, signed from New Town Eagles, skips over a South Hobart cahallenge [PlessPix]

“It might have been a 7-1 score-line, but it came late, and at this time of the year it’s about giving people a go and seeing what depth we’ve got.

“We’ve got a lot of young boys out there and inexperienced lads and things are really starting to happen.  They’re at least trying to play football and that’s important.

“You invite people along, and we had some young guys today.

“We had eight guys unavailable today that played against Olympia [on Wednesday], so we had to bring more players in and, when you invite them along, the last thing you want morale-wise is for a young player sitting on a bench not to get a run.”

Key acknowledged the difficulties in playing in thirds as each third is like a new game.

“It is about that,” he said.  “It probably cost us that [last] third, but to me, if I look at the way we’re at least trying to play football, I see that as a positive.

“I made a comment some time ago that this is a three-year process, and I still believe that.

“If we can hold on to the young guys and build and, hopefully, encourage more players to come to this club, then I think the future is good.”


Photo:  South Hobart's Hye Min Yun (left) challenges Glenorchy Knights' Rohan Heggie [PlessPix]

Hey also commented about last Wednesday’s game against Olympia Warriors, which the Warriors won 4-3.

“I think that we probably had a little more experience today,” he said.

“Today, we started off slowly, the same as we did on Wednesday.

“We had two goals in the back of the net on Wednesday before we knew it.

“Things settled down and, on Wednesday night, I think things improved as the game went on.

“Today?  Yep, we were a little bit up and down with regard to consistency, but that’s probably because, as I said, you’re moving a lot of people around and using a squad of 18 players, which you wouldn’t normally do, and trying other people and experimenting with other people in new roles.

“I mean, Aaron Marney today played at right-fullback, just to give somebody else a break, but he’s an experienced player still needed out there.

“To me, they’re the things I take away in regard to our depth, position-wise, throughout the year.”


Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Alex Bellini (left) gets past South Hobart's Nick Morton [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors are in action this evening [Monday] against Taroona at Warrior Park.

The first game kicks off at 5.30pm and the senior game at 7pm.


Photo:  South Hobart's Hye Min Yun (left) tracks a Glenorchy Knights opponent [PlessPix]