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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photo:  The Lions' Joel Schuth does an impersonation of a springbok against the Knights [PlessPix]

(Victory League, KGV Park, Sunday, 7 April 2013)

Kingborough Lions United 3 (M Farquhar 27, C Collins 44, T Pearce 85)

Glenorchy Knights 1 (J David 67)

HT: 2-0   Att: 705   Ref: P Galloway

Kingborough Lions United: Leamey  -  Di Falco, Hill, Cuthbertson, D Pearce  -  J Davis, , M Palmer (W Davis 89), Collins, Marchioli  -  Farquhar (T Pearce 82), Schuth (Cooper 61)  (Sub not used:  A Hinkley, Duncan)

Glenorchy Knights: B Holmes  -  Robinson, J Hey, Johnson, Roberts (A Robb 46)  -  Marney (Kamano 75), D Foley, Kamba, Marshall  -  H Foley (David 61), Letiko  (Sub not used:  A Bellini)


Photo:  Olympia's Luke Wilcock (left) does a balancing act while threatened by the Zebras' Adam McKeown [PlessPix]

(Victory League, KGV Park, Sunday, 7 April 2013)

Tilford Zebras 1 (A McKeown 41)

Olympia Warriors 5 (Seong Yong Jin 7, A Holmes 12, H Undy 25, E Tsakiris 35, E Cabello 83)

HT: 1-4   Att: 705   Ref: B Kopra

Tilford Zebras: Kay  -  Fagg, Cox, Palmer, Page  -  Self (Toghill 55), Ladic, Clark, Cairns  -  Leszczynski (Clamp 87), McKeown  (Subs not used:  Dand, MacDonald)

Olympia Warriors: Cale  -  Wilcock, Holmes, Begovic, Phillips  -  Nichols, Mearns (Cabello 73)  -  Meredith (Wadawu 66), Undy, Seong Yong Jin (Woolley 88)  -  Tsakiris  (Sub not used:  Voss)


Photo:  Kingborough's Cormac Collins gets to a header against Glenorchy Knights [PlessPix]

Victory League

Tilford Zebras 1 (A McKeown 41) lost to Olympia Warriors 5 (Jin 7, A Holmes 12, H Undy 25, E Tsakiris 35, E Cabello 83)

Kingborough Lions United 3 (M Farquhar 27, C Collins 44, T Pearce 85) beat Glenorchy Knights 1 (J David 67)

Northern Rangers1 (S Brassington) lost to South Hobart 2 (C Wain, N Morton)


Photo:  Eagles' Nathan Pitchford tries to get the ball past Taroona's Llewyn Tubb (No.17) [PlessPix]

(Southern Premier League, Clare Street, Saturday, 6 April 2013)

New Town Eagles 4 (M Anderson 10, R John 40, P Equipart 47 pen, J Quan 61)

Taroona 4 (E Luttmer 4, 7, S James 44, 74)

HT: 2-3   Att: 70   Ref: I Jozeljic

New Town Eagles: Minty  -  Pitchford, Stingle, Anderson, Gonzalez  -  Hudson, Quan, Equipart (Shabaneh 90)  -  Whitehall, S Telega, John  (Subs not used:  Idstrom, Rojahn)

Taroona: Burridge  -  Tubb, Schaap, Stevens, Darragh Carey  -  Quigley, James, E Luttmer  -  Kang, Dove, Abbott (Young 79)  (Sub not used:  Cherry)


Photo:  Beachside's Tom Gordon (right) fights his way past Zebras' Matthew Luttrell [PlessPix]

(Southern Premier League, Sandown Park, Saturday, 6 April 2013)

Beachside 2 (D Brown 28, T Gordon 60)

Tilford Zebras 1 (J Welch 59)

HT: 1-0   Att: 100   Ref: C Phillips

Beachside: Soszynski;  Jarvis, Willcock, Connolly, Gaskell, D Brown, Paske, A Gordon, Pullen, Thorpe, Moore (Subs:  T Gordon, Davis, Lapolla)

Tilford Zebras: Dand;  E Engels, A Lapolla, Luttrell, MacDonald, Muller, Smith, Telega, Welch, Hughes, Woodford (Subs:  Binning, Dingjan, Kadisha)


Photo:  Eagles' Josh Quan tries to get past Taroona's Ben Schaap and Jeremy Stevens [PlessPix]

Victory League

Devonport City 7 (D McGinn 2, B Mann 13, 49, 82, M Holden 32, B Eaves 33, C McKenna 75) beat Launceston City 1 (A Campbell 38)


Photo:  Only four teams left in each cup competition [PlessPix]

The draw for the semi-finals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy and other State-wide cup competitions was made at KGV Park yesterday.

There will be some fascinating clashes in the penultimate stages of these competitions, due to be played on Saturday, 4 May and Sunday, 5 May 2013.


Photo:  An NTC player is surrounded by Olympia opponents [PlessPix]

(Southern Premier League, KGV Park, Friday, 5 April 2013)

NTC 4 (C Kamano 17, 18, 49, D McClung 75 pen)

Olympia Warriors 1 (C McDonald 81)

HT: 2-0   Att: 60   Ref: J Priest

NTC: Prendergast  -  Schmidt, McClung, Eyles, Thomas  -  Kemp (Ortmann 75), Hope, Pizzerani  -  Wilson, Kamano, Quaile  (Subs not used:  Lesek, Prichard, Witte)

Olympia Warriors: Voss  -  Kupsch, Mohamad, Almaida, Vafakos  -  S Page (Cabello 66), W Page (Piesse 82), Herbert, Hickey  -  Ochaya, Browning (McDonald 58)  (Subs not used:  Harvey, Rumney)