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Photo:  Stephen Pitchford, the new 'allenatore' of Hobart Juventus [PlessPix]

Stephen Pitchford is the new coach of Victory League club Tilford Zebras.

Zebras president Nick Di Giovanni made the announcement this morning.


Photo:  Tilford Zebras president Nick Di Giovanni made the announcement this morning [PlessPix]

Pitchford coached New Town Eagles to second spot in the 2012 Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League competition.

Eagles were also the losing finalists in the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy competition this past season.

Pitchford, a former Metro player, has also coached at junior level at Glenorchy Knights in the past and he has also coached DOSA in League One and Tilford Zebras' reserves.

He takes over as coach from Eamonn Kelly, who coached Zebras to fifth place in the Southern Premier League in 2012.

It will be interesting to see if any New Town Eagles players join Pitchford at Zebras because the Eagles did not gain entry to the Victory League.

Tommy Fotak is expected to be named as Pitchford's assistant.

“Tilford Zebras Football Club are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Pitchford as our Victory League Senior Coach for 2013,” Nick Di Giovanni, the Zebras president, said.

“Stephen brings a wealth of experience to the club having previously been involved at the Zebras in a coaching capacity in 2004 and New Town Eagles in the Premier League the last two years.

“Welcome to the Zebras, Stephen, as we prepare for 2013 and the Victory League.”

The appointment means that Kingborough Lions United are the only Victory League club still to announce their coach for the inaugural 2013 Victory League season.


+4 #65 anonymous 2012-10-01 11:28
#60 Given 2012 results, some of the "strong" need to get stronger!Seriou sly, who are the players clubs are after! January 1st is a long way away and noone can sign 'til then....so I suspect some mobile phones etc will be running hot between now and then!
+3 #64 anonymous 2012-10-01 11:21
#63 I live for the day that "more professional" clubs actually deliver. Of late, bar one, they have promised much and delivered little. South alone have walked the talk. Eagles and Clarence have delivered, despite apparent lack of "professionalis m". Now it is time for Kingborough, Zebras, Knights and Olympia to become more than you have demonstrated of late. That sadly, may well mean a restructure of your senior teams, and then, if the FFT proposal for the lower leagues goes ahead, potential wilderness for some of your 2012 players and club stalwarts. Difficult times ahead methinks.
+4 #63 anonymous 2012-10-01 07:00
#62 so wrong you are , clubs that are run in a professional manner will always succeed , it is those clubs that dont or wish not to become more professional that will fall by the wayside.
+3 #62 Anon 2012-10-01 04:58
#60 , no I don't actually . Only one club is financially strong and that's thanks to one person . This league and the set up being proposed by FFT will break clubs . To believe otherwise is pure ignorance .
+7 #61 anonymous 2012-10-01 04:37
#23 obviously you are a wise person , who would you have appointed oh great one.
-2 #60 anonymous 2012-10-01 04:09
#58 strong will survive the weak will die, you obviously come under the 'weak' category.
-1 #59 Anonymous 2012-10-01 03:23
#43 what are you on about?
+5 #58 Anon 2012-10-01 03:20
#52 , so your from an " in " club . Have fun watching your club go broke . It won't work . All those " whingers" you talk about are the people that would have gone to watch but now won't. Now who's the moron ?
-1 #57 Anonymous 2012-10-01 02:12
Mark rudan is coming to play for knights.
0 #56 Anonymous 2012-10-01 01:21
Hahaha pitchy as coach! That's funny, and who are knights scouts? Lol as if they have scouts ffs.

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