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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photo:  Andy Brennan (front) eludes Jack Turner [PlessPix]

South Hobart striker Andy Brennan is off to England shortly for more trials.

Here is a highlights clip of Brennan in action, courtesy of Stefano Lufi, Mr Video:



Photo:  Andy Brennan surrounded by a New Town Eagles posse [PlessPix]


0 #11 Anonymous 2012-12-11 07:18
Good luck Andy,
What are the trials for?
+4 #10 Anonymous 2012-11-23 22:14
Quoting Brian Young:
Where, specifically, is Andy Brennan going, Walter, or is it a "secret?"

He is going to a few clubs - Aston Villa is one I think. Not sure. Would be interested to know exactly - what an awesome experience for any football player/lover, regardless of the outcome.
+4 #9 Brian Young 2012-11-23 10:40
Where, specifically, is Andy Brennan going, Walter, or is it a "secret?"
+3 #8 Richo 2012-11-22 08:15
Bren Bren you are great and will definitely be greater. Been an honour to know you and enjoy your insane runs and wonder goals. Work hard, learn hard and keep away from the pommie baked beans.
+2 #7 Anonymous 2012-11-22 06:14
Very best of luck Andy - hugely enjoyed watching you.
+7 #6 Anonymous 2012-11-22 05:07
I thought that Tassie football is over the Chris Hey thing. Perhaps I was wrong. Looks like flogging a dead horse is some peoples thing. I say Hey ! Stop it.... look at the poor horse.
+14 #5 OBAMA 2012-11-22 00:21
#3 - did Olympic win the FA Cup and Champions League?
+14 #4 Ronnie Bolton 2012-11-21 23:47
Would be a waste of your talent to stay playing in Tassie.Best of luck Andy.
+1 #3 Anonymous 2012-11-21 22:35
di matteo one of very few men that know how chris hey felt!!!!
+11 #2 Laka 2012-11-21 20:43
All the best Andy, give it your best shot and enjoy the experience.
Heres to a good outcome for you!!

Brendan and Bradley Laka

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