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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photo:  University's Luke Conroy challenges Tilford Zebras' Aaron Brazendale [PlessPix]

(Southern Premier League, Olinda Grove, Sunday, 29 April 2012)

University 0

Tilford Zebras 7 (J Welch 13, 17, D Walsh 24, 45+4, A Brazendale 36, H Booth 49 og, Otte 81)

HT: 0-5   Att: 90   Ref: B Kopra

University: Piesse  -  Conroy, Fletcher, Hewson (Merry 61), Scott  -  D Booth (Galloway 46), H Booth, Hindmarsh, Watts (Sheppard 48)  -  Proud, Barnard  (Sub not used:  Spurr)

Tilford Zebras: McKenna (Minty 86)  -  Muller, McIntyre, Telega, Smith  -  Brazendale, Palmer, Fagg, Welch (J Foley-Donoghue 77)  -  K Engels (Otte 27), Walsh  (Subs not used:  Self, Barabara)


Photo:  University's Daniel Booth (left) tackles Tilford Zebras' Paul Palmer [PlessPix]

Tilford Zebras finally got back into the groove with this 7-0 win over bottom-side University away at Olinda Grove.

It was the Zebras’ first win in four games and they are now back to a respectable position.  They are still fifth, but only 6 points behind the leaders, South Hobart, who they meet next Saturday in the quarter-finals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy.  South Hobart coach Ken Morton was at the game but left at around half-time with Zebras winning 5-0.

University were disappointing.  They were never in the hunt.  Their passing was poor and broke down virtually as soon as they gained possession.  Zebras keeper, Michael McKenna, was never troubled and probably only had two routine saves to make.


Photo:  Zebras' Kurt Engels (left) lasted only 27 minutes before injury forced him off [PlessPix]

Jayden Welch put the visitors ahead in the 13th minute with a deflected shot from 25 metres.

He made it 2-0 four minutes later when he outpaced the University defence down the left and fired home.

Dwayne Walsh added the third in the 24th minute when he picked up a long ball from Ryan Smith and cut in from the left before beating keeper Martin Piesse.

Kurt Engels was replaced by Seth Otte because of injury after only 27 minutes.  Otte went on to score the Zebras’ seventh goal.

University keeper Martin Piesse was sent off in the 34th minute after he brought down Aaron Brazendale outside the box as the Zebras player threatened to break though on goal.  Harry Booth took over in goal and his first task was to pick the ball out of the net as Brazendale scored an excellent goal from the resultant free-kick, bending the ball over the wall and inside the top left-hand corner.


Photo:  Tilford Zebras' Paul Palmer gets a pass away [PlessPix]

University were fortunate to survive in the 3rd minute of stoppage time when Walsh hit the inside of the far post, the ball bouncing into Booth’s arms.

But, a minute later, Damien Scott brought down Walsh, who took the penalty himself and scored to make it 5-0 for the visitors.

Four minute after the resumption, a corner from the right by Brazendale was turned into his own net by Booth to make it 6-0.

Booth then denied Welch and Henry Fagg as Zebras continued to attack without success.

With 9 minutes remaining, Booth could only parry Walsh’s close-range effort and Otte scored from the rebound to make it 7-0.

McKenna, in the Zebras goal, was replaced by Craig Minty with 4 minutes remaining, but he had nothing to do in the remaining time.


Photo:  Tilford Zebras' Aaron Brazendale is surrounded by University players as Damien Scott gets in a tackle [PlessPix]

University coach, Gary Slicer, said:

“Very, very disappointed with that result.  We didn’t play well at all and we didn’t deserve to be in that game.

“Losing Martin [Piesse], the keeper, 20 minutes into the first half was not good, but we should still have been able to play a little better than that.

“Credit to Zebras.  I thought they were a little unsettled in the first 20 minutes, but they settled themselves down and they deserved the win, obviously.  We were very, very unstructured today.  Disappointed.

“Harry [Booth] did all right in goal.  That’s why he got the gloves, obviously.  It wasn’t a lucky dip.  Harry was looking at playing in goal originally, until he broke his finger.  He did okay.  He’s a good all-round athlete.”


Photo:  Tilford Zebras' Dwayne Walsh gets in a shot [PlessPix]

Tilford Zebras coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“It was needed, needed desperately.  To their credit, you know, they’ve been plugging away each week and we toyed with the side so much trying to get the right combination.  I think we found the right combination today, with the back-four anyway.

“The midfield was a lot tougher, a lot tougher.  They stood up to be counted and I think that’s what we’ve been lacking, that strength in midfield and being able to dominate the game from midfield.  We did that and kept the width.

“When they went down to 10 men, we should have capitalised a bit more.  We tried to keep the ball wide on the wings.  I think we just lost our way a bit, but it was 5-0 at half-time.

“We counted 14 that we should have scored.  But, we told the boys that when you play teams such as South Hobart next week, you can’t afford to miss such ‘lolly’ goals.  That’s what I call them  -  ‘lolly’ goals.  We should be breaking the net from five yards out, 10 yards out, and make sure that the ball is going in.  We hit the woodwork again twice, but as I told them before the game, hitting the woodwork doesn’t win games.

“I thought the overall performance today was a lot better.  We showed a lot more determination, which has been lacking drastically.  Yeah, bigger and better things next week.”


Photo:  University keeper Martin Piesse sets himself for a high ball in a crowded goalmouth [PlessPix]


+3 #17 Clarence 4 lyf 2012-05-03 02:06
we would love to have the quality of ricky self at clarence what a gun
+1 #16 Anonymous 2012-05-03 00:28
Quoting The Joker:
Want to hear a joke about a blunt pencil? Ah there's not much point really.....

Bernie Siggins, is that you??
+17 #15 The Joker 2012-05-02 04:28
Want to hear a joke about a blunt pencil? Ah there's not much point really.....
+2 #14 Anonymous 2012-05-01 22:54
Quoting olympia:
we`d love to have ricky self at olympia, he`d be like a butcher`s knife carving up the opposition with great precision!

Ricky would never move to another club
+4 #13 melikesfootball 2012-05-01 21:59
Quoting Anonymous:
Quoting melikesfootball:
why would you replace the keeper that hasn't had a lot to do with 4 minutes to go, unless he was injured, or you were trying to make a point! interesting methinks, certainly nothing to be gained for the new keeper with 4 to go.

What point would that be?

I think the word you need to focus on is "trying" because I couldn't possibly see what the POINT would be. I have watched a lot of football and never have I seen, in a top flight league, a fit keeper be replaced with less than 5 minutes to go. Maybe if the game was close and the coaching staff thought they could slow down any momentum by taking an eternity to replace a keeper, but Zebras were winning by 7, so the point still escapes me.

And to the anon that suggested I was a clown, yes I think I make a great clown, you should see me at kids parties, I've been told that I am actually very good.
-3 #12 Me2thinks Me rite 2012-05-01 14:54
Me thinks me agrees with ME. Me you rite! Kit is not big deal but can improve performance Me thinks or me knows. No me knows that Uni would be 15% better if shorts were all matching, me thinks. Me thinks then that Uni would be 1.5 goals less down than b4 so me thinks that Uni would only lose 5.5 to nill. This is much beta and team feels together more me thinks. No me knows.
-3 #11 olympia 2012-05-01 12:02
we`d love to have ricky self at olympia, he`d be like a butcher`s knife carving up the opposition with great precision!
+3 #10 Anonymous 2012-05-01 08:39
Quoting melikesfootball:
why would you replace the keeper that hasn't had a lot to do with 4 minutes to go, unless he was injured, or you were trying to make a point! interesting methinks, certainly nothing to be gained for the new keeper with 4 to go.

What point would that be?
+4 #9 Anonymous 2012-05-01 07:25
Quoting melikesfootball:
Quoting Anonymous:
Nothing to be lost by putting a Keeper in with 4 minutes to go either.

Talk about grabbing at straws.

McKenna performed well (again), certainly not injured and has done nothing wrong to sudgest that there is anything "interesting" in it!

Im sure there are plenty of Subs made withing the last 5 Minutes of a game, most made to slow the game down, break momentum or gain a couple of minutes to re settle/organise.

melikesfootball.......If you like it so much how about going and watching an actual game and stop talking garbage, over analysing a game or taking Walters report into the wrong context.


Touchy, hit a nerve did we??

From all accounts McKenna did what he had too.

Its a great opportunity to give a ressies keeper a run, but not sure the value 4 minutes would have given.
+24 #8 ME 2012-05-01 05:53
I know this is not a big deal but why do Uni players have different short from each other? I thought being in the top competition in Southern Tasmania you would want all your players to look the part & have a professional look about the club rather than look like you are playing Div 3 or 4.

As I said I know it's not a big deal but @ the end of the day a senior team should look the part & the players should feel proud (no pun intended Jules) of their kit

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