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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photo:  Warrior Park was a hive of activity this evening [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors began their Wednesday night 5-a-side competition this evening with as many as 50 players taking part.

The Warrior Park artificial pitch was divided into four 5-a-side pitches, with the markings in black paint.


Photo:  This penalty flew wide [PlessPix]

Four games were played simultaneously, starting at 6.30pm, and each team met every other team by the end of the evening at 8.30pm.

Lee Mason, Adam Hedge, Kosta Grillas, Nick Meredith, Jason Voss, Craig Stockdale, Brady Cronk, Youssef Mohamad, Ben Phillips, Justin Farrugia and Chris Kumpulainen were some of the senior players in attendance.

Hugh Richardson is back from overseas and participated, as did former senior player Richard Sampson.


Photo:  Hugh Richardson (black Umbro top) is back from overseas and chats with another well-travelled player, Adam Hedge [PlessPix]

The two Tsakiris brothers  -  Peter and Chris  -   and their nephew, Emmanuel, were also there playing for a team called ‘Too Many Greeks’.

When asked if their attendance was ‘significant’ in terms of next season, Peter replied in the negative.

Olympia’s senior coach, Franco Previdi, and assistants Dallas Joiner and Mark Loftus, were there casting their eyes over proceedings.


Photo:  Emmanuel, Chris and Peter Tsakiris go for a breather after a game [PlessPix]

As for parking the bus in front of goal, Olympia did have a bus there, but it was not on the pitch.

It was parked in the parking area near the entrance to Warrior Park.

Olympia president George Mamacas bought the 42-seater recently for team transport and it will be very useful for the club if it is drawn away in State-wide Cup matches.


Photo:  Olympia's new 42-seater team bus has its own spot at the ground, and it's not on the pitch  [PlessPix]


Photo:  Nick Meredith (left) looks as if he's playing on carpet [PlessPix]


Photo:  Kosta Grillas (yellow top) takes on Adam Hedge as Craig Stockdale and Zac Piesse await the outcome [PlessPix]


Photo:  Peter Tsakiris, Stratos Plomaritis and Chris Tsakiris defend their goal [PlessPix]


Photo: Olympia won't park the bus in front of goal at Warrior Park [PlessPix]


Photo:  Zac Piesse, one of Olympia's promising batch of youngsters, surrounded by opponents [PlessPix]


Photo:  A new-found sense of optimism permeates Warrior Park, even though the season has barely ended [PlessPix]


Photo:  A confident Franco Previdi strides across the artificial pitch at Warrior Park [PlessPix]