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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' Matthew Nowicki (left) tackles a Taroona opponent; Amadu Koroma (second from left) watches tonight's game with some mates; Corey Smith lies injured; A Taroona player tries to halt a Knights attack; Knights start a build-up from the back [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights beat Taroona 5-0 in a friendly match at Prince of Wales Bay this evening.

It was the Knights’ final hit-out before they take on Melbourne Knights of the Victorian Premier League at KGV Park on Saturday at 6pm.

Alex Holmes opened the scoring, while Matthew Nowicki added a second before the break.

Further goals by Andrew Robb and two by Brendan Garth completed the tally.

Taroona, who fielded a very young side, had few chances, although Hugo Luttmer and Marcus Atkinson did keep the Knights’ defence on their toes at times.

Taroona rattled the Knights crossbar late in the match but were unable to find a way past Ben Peter, Alex Holmes, Robbie Bolonja and Anthony Grundy at the back for Knights.

The Knights were without several senior players from last season, including Jade Clay, Jackson Marsh, Josh Fielding, Amadu Koroma, Mynonge Kamba, Juma Barabara, James Hope and Will Roberts.

Koroma, who has just been signed by Melbourne Knights and will play against his former club on Saturday, was an interested spectator at tonight’s game.

New signing from Metro, Jason Dawes, watched the match but was unable to participate because of injury.

Corey Smith was injured in the course of the match and appeared in agony when he went down. He suffered a foot injury but should be fit for Saturday’s match.

Knights are conducting a media conference at KGV Park at 11am on Friday featuring Amadu Koroma.

He has signed a one-year full-time contract with the Melbourne outfit, which last visited Hobart in 2007.

They played Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park as part of the Glenorchy club’s 50th anniversary celebrations and won 2-1.

Before that, Melbourne Knights played Perth Glory at Launceston’s Aurora Stadium in a National Soccer League match in 2002.

Photos (Top to Bottom): Kwon has signed a contract in Indonesia; The three latest Koreans to arrive have already left [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights play Taroona at 6.30pm today at Prince of Wales Bay in a final hit-out before the Knights take on Melbourne Knights this weekend.

“We will be missing a few players tonight who, hopefully, will be okay come Saturday,” said Glenorchy Knights coach, Nick Harrison.

“Jackson Marsh is ill, Jason Dawes is injured and Tom Sherman, Will Roberts and Jade Clay will also miss tonight’s game.

“This will enable some fringe players to have a run out.

“We will be looking to win, but I think the most important thing is to get a game played and work on certain things that we have been training on over the last six or seven weeks.”

Harrison expressed disappointment at going into the game against Melbourne Knights with so little preparation.

“In all honesty, with our inter-club training game cancelled Wednesday and the Metro game being cancelled on Saturday, we will be going into the Melbourne game with only one friendly under our belts, which will be our game against Taroona tonight,” Harrison said.

“Obviously, I would have liked to have had more friendly matches prior to this weekend.

“We will finalise our squad for Saturday after a training session on Thursday evening.

“We have a few concerns with a few players but, hopefully, all players will be available come Saturday.”

Glenorchy Knights will meet Melbourne Knights at KGV park at 6pm on Saturday.

Harrison said Sunday’s match at KGV Park against the Melbourne Knights at 4pm will consist of a select team.

“The team will consist of five or six ex-Tasmanian Institute of Sport players, along with the Foley twins and seven or eight Glenorchy Knights players,” he said.

“This squad is yet to be finalised, but will be coached by Dean May and myself.

“The other TIS boys include Cam Sweeney, Cam Williams, Alex Nandan, Jamie De Smit and Hugo Bladel.”


South Hobart’s South Korean utility player, Kwon, has been signed by an Indonesian club.

Makassar have signed Kwon on a 2-year deal which will see him earn $7,000 a month, together with a car and match bonuses.

The other three Koreans who arrived a couple of weeks ago have already left, probably back to Korea.

Makassar is in South Sulawesi in Indonesia.


Metro's scheduled game this weekend against South Hobart for the Steve Robins trophy has been postponed because no venue is available.

The late Steve Robins played for both Metro and South Hobart and this trophy is in his memory and is competed for each year by the two clubs.

Asian Cup (Group C)

Australia 1 (M Jedinak 37) beat Bahrain 0

Att: 3,590

Ref: Nishimura (Japan)

South Korea 4 beat India 1

[South Korea finish second in Group C and Australia first. Both qualify for the quarterfinals. Australia will play either Iraq, North Korea or the United Arab Emirates.]

Photos (Top to Bottom): 1-10 are pages from the program; Eric Young (left), once of Manchester United, and Peter Brine, once of Middlesbrough, were the joint coaches at Juventus; Bruce Pears (left) and Sergio Pace; Bruce Ward, the ace marksman of the time [Program courtesy of Rodney Tattam; Photos by PlessPix]

It’s time to look at the past again.

“Oh, no!” I can hear some of you saying.

But, I just cannot help it. I'm a history buff.

Football was of a high standard, indeed. One could argue that teams today are fitter. But, in terms of skill and team-work, the teams of the 1980s were , I think, superior to those of today.

There is an element of nostalgia about these pieces, of course, but there is more to it than that. Some of you play for Tilford Zebras and Olympia Warriors now, so it’s a little history lesson for you, designed to show you what great clubs you represent.

I also hope to show readers that the game was well organised in the 1980s. The Juventus-Pioneer program shown above is dated Saturday, 8 May 1982, and was produced for the game against Olympia.

This was one of the biggest games in the football calendar as Juventus and Olympia had a traditional rivalry stretching back to the early 1960s.

It’s perplexing that in this day of the computer, clubs rarely produce a match program for spectators.

It was much harder to do this in the 1980s, and earlier, than it is today. So, why aren’t spectators given this courtesy today?

South Hobart, to their credit (and because of the work of Moreeta Pennicott and others) produced a program for Sunday’s game against South Melbourne Hellas. It can be done, and it is very handy for spectators and, particularly for the media.

Nick Lapolla gets a mention in this Juventus program of almost 30 years ago, as does Luciano Fabrizio, one of our best football exports.

Women’s soccer also gets a mention, as does some Serie A news.

The advertisements are worth a look, too. How many of these businesses still exist?

A look at the line-ups for this match is a real lesson in Tasmanian football history.

Just look at the Juventus line-up: Craig Jones, Sean Collins, Leon Darko, Eric Young, Nick Di Martino, Peter Brine, Darren Bacon, bruce Ward, Sergio Pace, Steve Brown, Robert Kent, Steve Parodi, John Genovesi, Martin Harrison, Bruce Pears and Malcolm Minty.

And, the Olympia team was: Robert Harrison, John Paplos, Peter Vafakos, Darby Conlan, Peter Linnell, Brian McKay, Tom Wright, Ron Bolton, Peter Sherman, Perry Forster, Craig Nicholls, Roger Munro, Marco Genaris, Mike Edwards and Tony Tarros.

Some of these people are still about today and active in the game as coaches or administrators. A few have sons playing the game at the top level.

I cannot emphasise enough the quality of these two teams. I think they would beat any side today in Tasmania.

Some readers may dispute this, while some won’t care.

One must not dwell too much on the past. One should, instead, look to the future. There are more opportunities today, but we must seize them.

I trust that this piece engenders some discussion in the comments section of this blog, and rekindles some pleasant memories for those who were there.