Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 0-0 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 3 (A Barron 27, B Parker 38, L Huigsloot 85) b Olympia Warriors 1 (K Grillas 23)


New Town Eagles 0-3 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 0-0 Olympia Warriors


New Town Eagles 0-2 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence United 6-1 Olympia Warriors

Division One

Beachside 4 (Dunne 2, Klasen, Pullen) b Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Northern Rangers 3-3 Launceston City

Riverside Olympic 2-3 Ulverstone

Burnie United 1-4 Devonport City

Launceston United 3-4 Somerset

Latest News

Glenorchy Knights coach Eamonn Kelly resigned this morning. Nick Harrison and Josh Fielding were in charge of the team for today's match against New Town Eagles. Kelly was suspended for two matches after being sent off against Clarence United last week and is due to appear before the disciplinary tribunal after the referee submitted a report to FFT about his behaviour at the end of the first half of that match.

And, the Knights' Corey Smith was sent off today in the match against Eagles after collecting a second yellow car for a foul on Eagles' Joshua Quon. He had earlier been cautioned for a foul against Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford.