Photo: South Hobart squad in Wollongong [Vicki Woods]

South Hobart's youth side beat Wollongong Wolves' under-18s 3-2 in Wollongong this morning.

South Hobart, which led 1-0 at half-time and 3-0 at one stage, produced a solid performance, according to coach Ken Morton.

"It was nice to finish our two-match tour on a good note," said Morton.

"I'm not just happy with the result, but the performance was consistent."

Jim Pennicott netted twice and Will Ross once.


University are reported to be considering dropping out of Division One and competing just in Division Two.

They are canvassing some of the other Division One teams on the issue.

Some other clubs will also have difficulty in fielding under-19 sides and that is believed to be the fly in the ointment as far as competing in Division One is concerned.

Some people are envisaging a situation where just three clubs can meet the requirements of Division One.

That, of course, would make the competition unviable.