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A teacher by profession, but is now in his 38th year as a football writer. Has written for "Soccer Action" (Melbourne), "Australian Soccer Weekly" (Sydney) and "World Soccer" (London), as well as for several Tasmanian newspapers. Currently contributing to "Goal!Weekly" in Melbourne and the Australian magazine "Soccer International". Played for Croatia-Glenorchy, Caledonians, Metro, Rapid and University in Tasmania, as well as in the United States of America. Coached University, Metro and Croatia-Glenorchy.

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Here are some Reserve League, Southern Division One and Northern Division One squads from 1989.

Some players listed did, of course, also play in their senior club teams and may have been coming back through the reserves or through the club’s Division One sides after injury.

Others were on the way up and would make names for themselves in the top flight within a few years.

The lists give a good indication of the sort of talent that was about just below the top flight Cadbury State League of the time.

Croatia-Glenorchy: Tattam, Jeffries, Camidge, Kvesic, Brown, Kuman, Mesic, Joiner, Y Dzelalija, M Kerschbaum, Wright, F Dzelalija, Grundy, Baltic

White Eagle: Diubaldo, Collins, Garrigan, Tattersall, P Morrison, Hildyard, A Brown, Templeman, Jacobs, Case, Ware, Woulleman, S Vernon, S Young, Mason, Mainella, Plaznik, C Leszczynski

Olympia: Collar, Vavloulas, Keskeridis, Edwards, Hart, H Hages, Puclin, Tsakiris, K Tsiakis, G Hages, J Tsiakis, Palermo, Padas, Kantzos

Caledonian: Eagle, Stint, J Goodsell, P Murray, C Siddall, D Anderton, S Smith, B Anderton, P Jordan, P Sherman, G Jenkins, Fleischmann, Huy, I McGlone, R Stoneman, S Salter, Shields, Di Domenico, K Connell, G Calvert, Peters

Hobart Juventus: Williams, T Fabrizio, Storey, R Schiro, Gasparin, Nicholls, M Lapolla, Smart, Di Giovanni, Tickner, J Brown, Giana, S Perri, De Felice, D Smith, F Falzon

Croatia: Neads, Albiston, Jeffries, Camidge, Wright, McKenzie, Kvesic, Baltic, Joiner, Kuman, Y Dzelalija, Mesic, Brown, M Begovic, J Zeitzen

University: K Gavan, O’Callaghan, J Edwards, C Behrens, S Goninon, P Kuzis, J Forbes, J Turnbull, M Shaw, P Crowther, Wanner, Robinson, C Hargrave, C Green, Anderton, Cruse, D Kehl, N Edwards, J Fox

Olympia: Collar, Vavoulas, J Tsiakis, Padas, Hey, H Hages, Puclin, C Brown, Hart, Kantzos, G Hages, Parolas, Keskeridis, T Tarros, Suris, Papastamatis, D Crosson

South Hobart: R Pride, S Bennett, S Adkins, C Warn, R Zeitzen, G Clark, A Poole, S Nicholson, J Nicholson, I Colhoun, Jordan, B Sherman, C McClung, Longey, S Ryan, D Oddie, S Westwood, M Zeitzen, A Cheetham

Howrah: Rowley, T New, N Onn, Lockley, R New, S Hadley, K Brightman, J Bell, A Dobbie, A Hales, R Dixson, G Schueller, G Frame, P Engels, Smith, S Sallah, J Phillips, Harvey, J Webb

St Leonards: G Woodward, R Van Pelan, J Dyer, A Garcie, C Stocks, N Koladjashincj, D McLean, D Lowe, C Ridgeway, R Williams, S Heffernan, D Rough, S Able, J Brown

Rapid: Mark Evans, Andy White, Garry Ashlin, John Dilba, Jack Dilba, Paul Sherman, John White, Phil Murray, Phillip McKay, John Fletcher, John Cionci, Gas Cavarretta, Uwe Metzenthin, D Darwell, Karidis, Colin Lush, M Brouwer

Riverside Olympic: John Peters, Leon Colgrave, Jason King, Callum McNeil, Lyndon Prince, S Biggar, R Brown, Robert King, David Willey, Tony Walmsley, D Smith, D Colgrave, S King, A Bassett, M Taylor

Kingborough United: T Maccallini, R Barker, D Pott, J Cummings, M Reid, G Allcock, S De Haan, J Ellis, D Trueman, R Bolton, T Banagan, G Brinklow, S Pepper, G Scott, V Grimes, M Trotter, J Townsend, D Dingjan, N Marlow, I Allcock, L Varian, D Logan

Hobart City: M Rhodes, M Pace, A Pignalosa, P Marino, Garvey, Strates, Hobbs, R Marino, P Kaproulias, L Taglieri, M Sly, Machen, K Barker, N Marino, Andrjecovic, Palermo, Raglione, Deschipper, Plunkett, Maxwell, Popovic

Metro-Claremont: B Porthouse, S Pitchford, G Sargent, Korn, Hennessey, Parish, M Garth, B Lietz, A Ferrall, J Mackinnon, D Prestage, Barkbaum, P Stephenson, A Tassell, M Phillips, D Barker

Gold Coast United took over at the top of the A-League ladder when they beat previous leaders Sydney FC 1-0 away at the Sydney Football Stadium this afternoon.

It was Gold Coast’s third win over Sydney this season.

A goal in the 19th minute by Joel Porter decided the contest.

Tahj Minniecon’s reverse pass put Porter through on the left of the box and he shot across keeper Clint Bolton and inside the far post.

Sydney adopted a physical approach to try and blunt the creativity of Gold Coast captain and playmaker Jason Culina, but he survived several brutal tackles to continue to inspire his team.

In the final minute of stoppage time, a break by Gold Coast’s Bas van den Brink should have killed off Sydney.

Van den Brink took the ball down the left and had two team-mates unmarked on the right, but he chose to shoot rather than pass and his shot was charged down.

Sydney were on the counterattack as the referee blew for the end of the match.

The attendance was 14,941.

George Best first came to Tasmania in 1989.

Ken Morton, who was coaching Devonport City that year, arranged the visit.

Best played for Devonport City XI in a friendly against a Tasmanian XI at Valley Road at 8pm on a weeknight in early July before a crowd of 1,800.

He conducted coaching clinics that day from 4.30pm to 5.30pm for selected youngsters and spectators were welcome.

A function for players and sponsors was held at the Valley Road clubrooms from 6pm to 6.45pm.

A couple of friends and I drove to Devonport after work to watch the game and we got home some time after midnight.

It was the first time I’d interviewed Best. I was to do so again a couple of years later when Morton, now at Olympia, brought Best and Denis Law to Hobart for an all-star friendly at South Hobart.

The squads for the game at Devonport were:

Devonport City XI: Smith, Chilcott, Rimmer, K Smith, Hendey, Best, Gleeson, Boyd, Nethery, Morton, Sawdon, Frame, Pizzerani, Oliver, Jones, Mann, Meldrum

Tasmanian XI: Connell, P Davidson, Monagle, M Leszczynski, Foote, Howe, Crosson (capt), Goldmsith, Nichols, Parker, Heys, Stoddart, A Guilbert, T Compagne, Di Pietro [Coach: A McDonald; Trainer: P Goldsmith]

The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Anthony Rimmer netted the first for Devonport in the 18th minute after Neil Connell could only parry a shot from George Best, but Ian Parker equalised in the 28th minute.

Sawdon restored Devonport’s lead from Ken Morton’s corner a minute before the break.

Craig Nichols grabbed an equaliser for Tasmania midway through the second half.

The thing I will never forget was David Crosson’s challenge on Best, the first time he touched the ball in the opening minutes of the game.

Crosson, a former Newcastle United player, upended Best without a second thought and, for a few seconds, it was feared he had put the star performer out of the match before it had even properly started.

Fortunately, Best was able to resume, and Crosson was told, in no uncertain terms, by Morton and a few other senior players, to calm down and let the ageing genius show some of his stuff.

It was a good era for Tasmanian football at the time, with the Cadbury State League in existence.

Here are some of the squads that played in that league in 1989. They are listed in finishing order, with White Eagle having been crowned the Cadbury State League champions:

White Eagle (52 points): Groenewoud, Nicholson, Banasik, Driessen, M Leszczynski, A Leszczynski, Previdi, Stoddart, R Leszczynski, Harwood, C Pitt, Hildyard, Ketchell

Hobart Juventus (37 points): Neil Connell, Michael McIntyre, Nick Di Martino, John McIntyre, Frank Genovesi, Romeo Fabrizio, Steve Kannegiesser, Kelly, Billy Stanford, Romeo Frediani, Bruce Pears, David Nicholls, Tickner

Olympia (36 points): P Kannegiesser, Thompson, Hey, Berwick, G McNeil, Goldsmith, Ambrosino, Xanthopoulos, Koch, Nichols, Munro, Edwards, Crosson

Launceston Juventus (32 points): Warren Dent, David Craig, Paul Gimpl, Ewert, Liam Monagle, Luigi Gugliotti, Peter Savill, Roger Mies, Heys, Mark Nikolai, John Visentin, Jens Streit, Don Gardner

Devonport City (31 points): Bob Smith, Darren Chicott, Ian Hendey, Anthony Rimmer, Kevin Smith, Stewart Oliver, Wayne Boyd, Peter Sawdon, Tim Jones, Billy Frame, Noel Nethery, Fabio Pizzerani, Ken Morton

Ulverstone (21 points): Rod Andrews, John ‘Snow’ Compagne, Michael Foote, M Bertucci, David Mitchell, Andrew Howe, Tom Compagne, Anthony Guilbert, M Jones, John Sallese, Fred Guilbert, L Jones

Caledonian (20 points): Stewart, Paplos, Grainger, Fenlon, Huigsloot, Connell, Pullen, Calvert, Wesson, Sherman, D Anderton, Salter, Parker

Launceston (18 points): Q Darby, G Pennicott, P Davidson, J Smith, G Reading, P Davis, M Graccogna, D McNeil, B Barac, C Hughes, A Fraser, N Strickland, A Wayne

Burnie United (7 points): Mark Overton, Ricky Joseph, Howard Edwards, L Dyer, Pat Troughton, Russell Troughton, S Foley, Hugo Luttmer, Kevin Considine, Scipio Luttmer, Andrew Starick, D Timms, Steven Eastley, Mike Denton

Croatia (4 points): Z Belanic, I Eyles, M Begovic, Brian, Bessell, C Barrell, T Hussein, B Davidson, R Huigsloot, Zajec, T Dzelalija, C McKenzie, N Thomas

Division One club Beachside beat Premier League outfit Olympia 2-1 in a practice match at Wellesley Park this morning.

Bernhard Klasen and Sebastian Milford were Beachside’s marksmen.

Kim Barker was the referee.